The Importance of Blogwalking

Confused looking for ideas for posting material? Why?? These questions should be directed to myself. Why is that, yes because until now the number of my posts counted on the fingers, that is seen just been discovered less than ten. Actually, if clever weave of ideas, any material can be used for posting. Now the idea from where? Now that he’s a little review here I am. As I do, I’m looking for ideas with  Blogwalking. Blogwalking mean visits to other blogs to simply read or contribute comments.

Why Blogwalking so important?

The question that often springs to mind before making a blog. After I managed to create a blog, yet filled with nothing, just a blank page only. Well since then I just realized that visiting other blogs very useful person for the “growth” of my own blog.  Growth means development blog here. Whether it is in terms of appearance or in terms of posting content. In terms of appearance, such as my new blog there are no widgets or accessories that look like now. The ways to add widgets or that I got from some blog, let me take the example of one of the many blogs that inspired me was the trick blog.

If the terms of blog content is more depend on the owner himself will fill  with what the topic. Yes I own example, although the contents of  my blog mixture, which is important for the material posted first, but remember, do not cheat or Copy Paste. Be similar to the important still we develop with our own language. Now back to blogwalking. Many of the benefits that I get from this activity and so far I continue to do so, because in addition to having fun I was already regarded as a must every time I online aka every time for browsing. There are some good things his own version of blogwalking obtained from:

  1. Information / answers to questions that may be required in terms of blogging.
  2. Of information is most do not get the bright idea of posting material was then made.
  3. Adding a lot of friends. This happens automatically if we diligently participate blogwalking & commented on the blog that we visited.
  4. Increase blog traffics, it is certainly very useful for the use of Blogs as an online business. The higher traffic blogs are ranking well in search engines because we will get back from the owners visit our blog commented. And if the comments that we post on blogs attract other visitors, maybe that visitors will also visit our blog.

That’s some benefit from blogwalking, seemingly looking for some people is a waste of time.  Relatively yes, but that’s opinion.

Keep blogwalking!

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