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Have A Nice Day

Many people complain about their days that are not in line with expectations, aka many shortcomings. Yes maybe it happened because of lack of preparation. Why? Yeah, my morning preparation is essential before starting the activity. Oh wise guy! :-). I did not mean to self-righteous, I just wanted to share a little about the positive things that started me live. Ga positive inspiration can not hurt to be divided, who knows something useful. Ok .. a lot of things we can really do to prepare yourself for your day. Take your time, as the exercise may start today or if you’ve already slept late, it’s okay starting tomorrow .. ;-)…

There are some small things that we often ignore when I woke up this morning, one of them is smiling. Wake up early, make it a habit to smile, the beginning we might try looking at your own face in the mirror with a smile and convince myself that this day will go well. How can smile, again enjoying sleep suddenly ringing telephone is forced up, huh! Poop! Patience, it’s already happened, then maybe the settings for the phone to silent mode so it does not interfere. Let’s smile. With automatic smile will form positive signals in the body and mind :-).

In addition to the smile, the other thing is drinking water. Drinking water just got up very useful. This is a personal experience. Besides refreshing drinking water in the morning can improve health, especially the digestion, metabolism and certainly will influential the level of our health. Don’t forget!

Listening to your favorite music is one thing that can help overcome stress, restore the spirit & makes us more motivated to live a perfect day. So, turn on the music player, select your favorite songs & ready to receive a positive spirit!

Another thing that is not less important is the breakfast every morning.
Breakfast plays a very important for our bodies. Healthy breakfast bread will make it easier to concentrate in the routine. Maybe it could start with a glass of warm chocolate milk & bread. Or for those who feel a lack of sleep last night, to drink some hot coffee. Just do not most!

Before breakfast there is nothing wrong for a little exercise. Can be done with a 30-minute walk around the house or doing other moderate exercise can increase fitness. Simple right?

Let’s create a more perfect day with little things but it gives extraordinary spirit. Have a Nice Day! 🙂


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